My husband and I feel very fortunate.  We were able to find and schedule sessions with this sport’s training program.

My daughter eager to continue attending basketball sessions.

Have noticed my daughter working at home on drills suggested by instructor, Mr. DeHoyos.

Plan to continue scheduling as many sessions as possible.

Sessions are easy to schedule.  Can text or email to Mr. DeHoyos.

Mr. DeHoyos schedules posts on website immediately.

Hazel & Alfred
This is an amazing program.  For both boys & girls of all ages.  My 11 year old son has been attending Mr. DeHoyos sessions for about 2 years.  I can see my son’s skills are improving.  My son, Christian, enjoys every session.  Looks forward to the next session.  Mr.DeHoyos takes time to individualize a plan to improve skills and techniques.  I highly recommend this program.

Esmi Gauthier
June 19, 2020
My son enjoys and has improved attending these sessions.  Mr. DeHoyos is attentive to all kids, boys & girls, of all ages.  He encourages that it takes hard work to become a good athlete.
​​​​​​He is always prepared and ready to start the scheduled session.   Sends drills to be worked at home daily.  Attends kid’s games that attend his sessions.  In order take notes.

Samantha Garza
June 17, 2020
Great program for kids, boy and girls.  My 10 year old daughter wanted to improve her basketball skills.  Has attending for about a year.  Noticing her skills are improving.  Mr. DeHoyos is patient and encouraging.  Emphasizes the importance of home daily drills.  During sessions, Mr. DeHoyos is able to keep my daughter focused.  Sessions are hard working and fun.  Mr. DeHoyos keeps progress report and reviews progress regularly.  Mr. DeHoyos is associated with  a basketball referee organization.  Any questions about rules are answered.

I highly recommend this program.
Silvia Mata
June 11, 2020
Thru a friend, found out, about Poth Arrow’s training program.  Have been scheduling my daughter for individual basketball training.  For 2 months.  Have noticed my daughter has become more motivated.  Understands hard work a must.  Mr. DeHoyos preaches hard work, patience and good basketball mechanics.  Ends session with “Keep working.”

Maria Mata

April 20, 2019