Fastpitch softball batting practice.

Adjustable speeds for all levels.

Pitching machine speed, on video, set at 53 mph.  

                                FASTPITCH SOFTBALL

First session a free evaluation.  Future sessions $30.


Hitting - initial sessions geared to make contact.  When consistent contact attained.  Will work on power swing and placing the hit.  With consistent work.  Will attain dominant level hitting.

Fastpitch - Initial sessions will work on fastpitch windup.  When fastpitch windup attained, at a smooth level.  Will work on pitching a strike or near a strike.  Velocity in pitching  will increase with consistent work.

Fielding - initial session will work on basic fielding of grounders, popups, accurate throws...   When basic skills attained will work higher level fielding skills.  With consistent work will attain dominant skill level.

Note:  Working home drills required to attain dominant levels.  Will demonstrate drills.