Instructor shows how training program is helpful and convenient.  For both baseball and fast pitch softball hitters.

Batting instructor batting at pitches set at over 60 miles per hour.

BUNTING:  work on placing the bunt.  Right side and left sided hitters.

HITTING: work on making good contact.   For right and a left sided hitter.

Pitching machine able to be adjusted to slower or faster speeds.  Slowest 45 mph.  Fastest over 90mph.

Feeder can be adjusted to slower or quicker pitch.

Pitching and feeder machine also for fastpitch softball hitters.



Many ways to work on improving fielding skills.

Repetition of fielding hit balls very helpful.

Working in a productive and convenient facility helpful.

Instructor shows one of many fielding drills.


Instructor demonstrates two pitching windups.  For young pitchers to develop.

Full windup - Used no runners on base.
Stretch windup - Used runners on base.

Good idea for young pitchers to learn both windups as soon as possible.

Both windups need to become smooth.  Will help pitching accuracy.

Also, pitching instructor demonstrates hitting the batter is part of the game.

Baseball ready

Alberto DeHoyos, owner/instructor
Albert baseball

Baseball Sessions - FOR BOYS & GIRLS - ALL AGES 

First scheduled session is a free evaluation session.  Will evaluate strengths and weaknesses.   Will work with kids, boys or girls, of all ages.

Future Scheduled Session Fees:
Pitching - $30.00 per one hour session.
Fielding - $30.00 per one hour session.
Hitting - $30.00 per one hour session.

Pitching - Keep session simple.  Depending on age.  Sessions are geared to become a dominant pitcher.  Statistics kept to show progress.  Home 30 minute pitching drills are required daily.   Will explain and demonstrate these pitching drills during session.  Noticeable results in 3 months.

Fielding - Intial sessions according to skill level.  Proper fielding mechanics shown.  Modern equipment and drills used and shown.  To become a dominant fielder.  Thirty minute home drills important.   Drills to be demonstrated at session.  Noticeable results in 3 months.

Hitting - Sessions geared to make contact.  Power swing introduced when contact consistent.  Sessions are hard work and fun.  Statistics kept to show progress.   Batting Cage & pitching machine used.

Program geared to help local youth become better than average, become a dominant player.  Suggest at least 2 sessions per week.  Three sessions per week best.  Positive results in 3 months.    Takes work and then more work!